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Is watching my favorite TV shows really worth the added satellite costs each month?

There are times when I wonder if it is. Our satellite TV bill is high each month due to the number of receivers we have in our home. Quite honestly, I don’t watch TV but two hours at night during the week.

The only advantage I can see is being able to watch the TV shows live when they are on. Yet, I hardly ever do it because I have a TiVo recorder. I watch them when I can. Guess what, all of my favorite shows are quickly getting added to Netflix . I can even watch them online for free on the stations website.

I honestly believe the reason why we haven’t gotten rid of our satellite all together is because we are regulated on the amount of Internet we get to use each month. If we ever get out from underneath those regulations I believe we could save ourselves a load of money each month.

I wasn’t raised up with satellite. My Mom literally didn’t have it in her house until she got bedridden with her cancer. She felt we could spend our time in other ways. It truly was well worth it.

There was always something to be done. I grew to love books as a result of her golden rule of two hours of TV a week allowed. I also spent loads of hours on my horse riding all over the beautiful country roads around our home. I got to know my neighbors well. I grew a strong sense  of pride from the amount of work I’d get done in a day.

I don’t let my kids have TV that much either as a result of her teaching. If they are on an electronic device they are learning something educational. We play video games on the weekends or in the late afternoon hours only when all work is done. They may have it available to them, but they have to earn the right to use it.

 Do you feel it’s worth it for you to actually have satellite in your home?









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