Enhance Your Home Office With Interior Shutters

Many people work from home nowadays with the rise new media channels like blogging, Youtubing and remote working for companies. According to the Office of National Statistics around 4.2 million people in the UK work from home as published by the BBC. If you are one of these home workers you’ll know that it’s difficult to create a useable space which promotes a good work life balance. Making the space quiet and private whilst still being part of your house or apartment is the challenge.


Control the Light

Creating a home office space which is conducive to work while also making a well thought out home space can be tricky. One aspect which is often overlooked are suitable window coverings and that is where we think we’ve found the perfect solution with shutters. We spoke with a UK based company Cheap Shutters to find out how their products can improve your home office environment. According to smallbusiness.co.uk having natural daylight is key to a successful office space. That’s where interior shutters can really play a big part. ‘Shutters create a great degree of privacy when the slats are turned whilst still allowing light to enter the room’ says Neil from Cheap Shutters. ‘This strikes the perfect balance of keeping out prying eyes, while still having natural light in your office to work with’ Neil continued. It doesn’t really matter what type of work you are doing from home either. Whether you write, make videos or a physical product, having the ability to control light is fundamental.

Limit Distractions With a Tidier Space

Another distinct advantage of interior shutters according to Neil is the tidiness of their appearance. ‘Flapping curtains and rattling blinds can be a real distraction’ – and we agree. Have you ever thought about what’s flittering away in the corner of your eye when you’re struggling to find the next move for your business empire! Shutters are close fitted to a wall and extra strong so there’s no unnecessary movement . Also they don’t impose into a space, which means less clutter and more mindfulness when you are concentrating.

Colors Galore

It’s well understood that curtains and other window coverings come in all shapes and colors. People often overlook that the same is true with window shutters. ‘We can color match around 30,000 colors directly in our factory’ says Neil. There’s a surcharge over regular styles and paint stains, however for the real interior design orientated companies out there, the style conscious, this provides a great solution to tailoring your window dressings. Getting the perfect look for a home office is a fundamental part of happy home working and we think having such a range of color to choose from makes a strong case for shutters.

‘We’d love to provide a quotation for any UK based customers who read this article’ states Neil, confident in their price beating policy. You can read more about shutters for home offices or any rooms on their website here: cheapshutters.co.uk/room-types/home-office/.



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