LTD Commodities Festive Package Review and Giveaway

I have been a huge fan of LTD Commodities for as long as I can remember. I am pleased to announce that I am now working with them in promoting many of their products now. I received their Healthy and Festive package to review in exchange for an honest review and giveaway. Let me start off by saying, I was like a kid at Christmas opening this package. I was chomping at the bit to have UPS show up at my door with this goodie package. As I’m sure whoever wins this LTD Festive Giveaway will be as well. In the festive package I received the Pour-Spout Bakeware, The Harvest Table Cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Year of Holidays Cookbook, and the 3- Tier Cooling Rack.

3-Tier Cooling Rack Review

Out of all of the wonderful products, I couldn’t wait to use the 3-Tier Cooling Rack. My family has been hounding me wanting to know when I’m making my annual cookies. I knew I would enjoy using this tool the most because it will get a lot of use out of it. This cookie rack has three racks to it, but it folds down nicely for easy storage. It takes a bit of patience to put it together, but Jimmy did it like it was nothing. You can get this 3-Tier Cooling rack for $15.95. Compared to its competitor’s price of $16.50 for a single tier cooling rack that’s quite a bargain. I’ve put them side by side and compared the way they are made and their measurements. They were the same size and they also made with the same quality standards.

The Harvest Table Cookbook Review

The Harvest Table Cookbook reminds me of the cookbooks you get from your local church when they make one for a fundraiser. That’s NOT saying it’s a bad cookbook, in fact, it’s quite the opposite it’s a really good little cookbook. It’s filled with loads of recipes that I know I’ll enjoy trying to cook for my family.  This book sells for $6.95. It’s worth every penny because there is something for almost all types of food interests.

The Pioneer Woman Year of Holidays Cookbook

This is a book filled with many of her holiday recipes. It is a nice cookbook that gives us pictures breaking down each step (like you see on her website.) She has put something for almost everyone in this cookbook. It’s easy to follow along and make these recommendations. You can get this cookbook for $12.95.


Pour-Spout Bakeware

This is a high quality stoneware dish. This allows me to cook items like roast and other things that can produce a lot of grease without having to worry about eating that grease. It separates the grease from the meat with the removable rack that is included. Since it comes with a built in spout I can easily drain out the excessive grease and juice without making a mess. It’s also very easy to clean too. It also has handles on the side that I can USE OVEN MITTS and grab ahold of it for easy maneuvering. It was so stylish that I can add it to our table without transferring the food from it. I personally see me using it more as a casserole dish, but it will certainly gain a lot of use in our household. You can get this Pour-Spout Bakeware for $14.95. You can get it in red, cream, and black.


If you’re having any more fall dinner get-together events here is some great ideas for making decorating easy. Thanksgiving may be over, but in our house we still have turkey again on Christmas. If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for healthy turkey dinner ideas.

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    • I got to make my beloved meatloaf with it the other day, and it actually gave my a very solid run for it’s money. I am totally hooked on using these pans now. Thank you for stopping by Robin. I hope that you come back again.

    • It definitely helps with the clean up department for sure. I was super impressed with how easy it was to clean it up from making our meatloaf the other day. Our meatloaf barely had any grease in it.

  1. The product I’m most excited about is that 3-tier cooling rack. Oh, and the Pioneer Woman cookbook. Thanks for the opportunity!


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