Why are children becoming less active?

In recent times, there has been an increasing level of focus placed on the obesity epidemic in Western culture. There are many reasons to be worried about this situation with the health implications of being overweight being of considerable concern. The issue of children’s weight has also become a cause for concern, and in the past 30 years the level of childhood obesity has more than doubled for youngsters aged between 2 and 5 and for children aged between 6 and 11, the volume has tripled. These figures indicate there could be major health problems for future generations if they are not addressed and it is vital to understand the issues that cause this situation. There are many factors involved with childhood obesity but one important question is why are children becoming less active?

One of the key reasons why children are becoming less active today relates to the use of technology devices. This can also be seen with adults, in both their workplace and leisure time, and there is no denying that children have more opportunities to fill their time at home or indoors these days looking at screens. Traditionally, children would be outside playing or meeting up with friends, but computer games and consoles, the internet and social media means they can be entertained and connect with others from the comfort of their own home.

Improved technology has resulted in less active lifestyles

A rise in the number of families owning cars has negatively impacted on the amount of exercise a child enjoys. It used to be commonplace for youngsters to walk to and from school, but nowadays, with many families having access to a car, children are driven to and from school. An issue that has reduced the number of children walking to and from schools is increased fears over safety. There is a greater level of awareness of potential dangers and risks for youngsters these days, and many parents are not willing to let their children walk around the neighborhood by themselves or even with their friends.

While the health and fitness concerns relating to an inactive lifestyle will be of concern for most parents, many studies point out that an active lifestyle can also help create an active mind. Energy levels are linked to a person’s ability to study or focus, which is another reason why children should be active, and why parents should take this situation seriously.

A factor that might affect a child’s likelihood of being active is the activity level of the parents. If a parent comes home from work and spends their evening on the couch watching television or sitting in front of a computer screen, this sets a bad example for youngsters. It is therefore recommended that parents be active and it may be that undertaking activities that all the family can enjoy is the best way to ensure children follow suit. There is a wide range of sports and activities to choose from that will get people out of the house and exercising, and this is something that parents must consider when caring for their kids.

Technology may play a role in encouraging people to be active

While technology has had an impact on children becoming less active, technology may also play a role in encouraging youngsters to be more active. In 2016, Pokémon Go was a cultural phenomenon with scores of people venturing out to find creatures and engage with the game. At this point, there was media praise for the game in the way it provided youngsters with a reason to spend time outside and to get some exercise. The further development and promotion of games of this nature may see more people spending more time outside of the home, socializing with others and enjoying more exercise.

While it would be nice to think that parent’s motivation and encouragement would see more children being active, it may be that gaming the process and incentivizing exercise will bring about positive results with respect to activity levels.

A good way in which parents can incentivize, encourage and sustain active behavior in their children is to provide the right equipment. Investing in stylish and support clothing for athletic girls, including girls bottoms products like leggings, will help children to look and feel good about themselves, which will encourage them to be more active.

With many problems relating to lack of exercise looming up for young people as they age, there is a need for parents to be proactive in encouraging their children to be much more active. Exercising, playing sports, and spending time as a family can be fun, and it will create the platform for a more engaged and energetic lifestyle for all.

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