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Throughout the years, I have flipped back and forth between drinking sodas and not drinking them. I know overall they are generally considered unhealthy and full of a lot of sugar and other dangerous ingredients for me. However, there are still times with I need a caffeinated pick me up moment. That is why when I was given the chance to review for an honest blog review the new Caffeinated Club beverages made by Rocky’s Beverages LLC Company I was ready to drink up.

What are Caffeinated Club drinks?

Caffeinated Club drinks is a new form of club soda that Rocky Mosele created because he wanted a “pick-me-up but without the sugar and additives in energy drinks.” These are club soda drinks that have had caffeine added to them to provide that “pick-me-up” feeling without the sugar and additives. Caffeinated Club drinks are calorie free. They come in four flavors: Caffeinated Club® Clear Club Soda, Caffeinated Club® Lemon Club Soda, Caffeinated Club® Orange Grapefruit Club Soda, and Caffeinated Club® Raspberry Club Soda.

Our Review

When I tried these drinks, I was taken aback by the amount of bubbles that literally exploded in my mouth. Jimmy stated, “You have to be very strong to drink these.” I can honestly say I can see why he stated that tip because it does literally feel like your mouth is exploding when you take even a small sip of these drinks. In fact to me the carbonation over powers the flavors of the drinks themselves. I will say that these are more enjoyable to drink than an energy drink. The energy drinks I’ve tried have been very grainy feeling in my mouth, at least with the Caffeinated Club drinks once the bubbly feeling dies down then you can enjoy the drink somewhat.

Now when Del tried them, it became an entirely different ball game. He literally shook his head and did his famous “AHH” sound after the fact like he does when he gets ahold of a strong Pepsi. He loves the amount of carbonation they have in them. To him they are made just right! He stated that he can still taste the flavors and enjoys them.

My mother-in-law stated that for her personally she’ll use them as an addition to other drinks. She feels like they would make a good addition to a party drink. She can picture people sipping on them throughout a cocktail party too.

Gain More Information

You can gain more information about the new Caffeinated Club drinks by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. I think my husband would love this! He likes strong bubbly drink. I, on the other hand, cannot stand too strong of bubbles. Maybe because my taste buds are too sensitive. Sometimes I stir soda just to kill the fizz before I drink it, lol..


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