Busy but Productive Day…

I do declare my husband was the one who got hit with the “nesting bug”. He has been cleaning and organizing the house for days. I haven’t had to do one ounce of laundry in over a week. Of course, he has the laundry all organized, but I haven’t yet got around to folding and putting it all away. (It hurts for me to sit up and I sure as hang can’t lift a full laundry basket right now.) However, I hope to get enough strength to do it tomorrow and have others just put them away. We went through our storage shed today too, and decided on what we’re getting rid of and what we’re keeping, so we can get the excess stuff out of our house again. We have a truck full of stuff to go to families who may need them. That’s always a good feeling.

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Our Christmas tree is up and decorated. The boys are very proud of their unique Christmas tree orinaments that they made this year. We decorated toilet paper rolls. It was an art project that we did for Jimmy’s art class. You think it was the most amazing thing they ever did. They can’t stop bragging to their Memma about them and they definitely have been eyeing the ones they made with nothing but pure pride. I finally got my white Christmas tree this year.

My husband has been stressed out like crazy. He’s been working and taking on extra household chores lately. Plus he’s been keeping our hipper boys in check a lot more. I have been living in a lot of pain for the past week and it’s hard for me to move around worth a dime. He says he wishes he could take the pain away for me. However, I have to admit seeing him pitch in like he’s been doing truly means a great deal to me. I can’t express how much I love my husband and how blessed I am to have him. I praise God everyday that he made Del for me even if I did waste ten years of our lives before I figured it out. I can’t say those ten years was a complete waste because I did get to have my first daughter and she did help shape me into a better person all around. In my book, she was my guardian angel and was put in my life to help me fully be prepared for the life that I have now.

Zeva has been pretty quiet today. I hope now she makes it until Dec. 13th after our court hearing. We finally have a court date to finalize my adoption of my oldest son, and that means so much to me!! We’ve gotten so much closer over the years, and as the court date gets closer he definitely is showering me with even more love and affection. He knows what’s going on and I can tell it means as much to him as it does me. We have our rocky spots, but tell me a kid and parent who doesn’t, and I’ll hand you a million dollars (if you believe that one I have land in Arizona too….or something like that. 🙂 ) It would be utterly amazing if I became Jimmy’s official mother and Zeva was born all on the same day!! Then I’d be officially getting two kids at once. Even though, in my heart Jimmy’s been mine for well over four years now. I wanted him as mine long before he was born back in 2003, when I first heard about him.

However, Del and I both we’re not in a place to make that kind of leap of faith. I was still playing the yo-yo game with my first husband and Del was still doing the same thing with his second wife. We both wanted to “do the right thing.” However, as you can clearly see the “right thing” was for us to be together in the first place.

I’ve got all of my school work done except my finals. They don’t open up until Saturday. Unfortunately, I’m going into the finals in a scary position. I have a C in both of my classes right now, and that highly bothers me. However, for the life of me my brain would not work this past 7 weeks to save my life. Do you realize how hard it is to concentrate when you have a baby kicking your tail end?? I do declare my brains up and left me some where along the way. If I pass these classes, it will literally be by the grace of God.

I feel like I’ve under went so many changes lately it’s unreal. Of course, they say life is nothing but change…and if we’re smart we’ll just hang on and make the most of those changes. 🙂 So, I’m hanging on and making the most of the changes.




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