Brother Sister Massage – Fun Stress Relief for Siblings

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and satisfying as a good massage. People are social creatures, and we crave touch. But massage can be expensive, so why pay someone for this kind of release when you’ve got a brother or sister that could do it for free, and probably with far more skill? After all, who knows you better than your own sibling? It’s a practice as old as time, and there’s absolutely nothing strange about it.

The benefits of a brother sister massage

If you’ve never massaged someone before, then I suggest hopping on YouTube and watching a few videos to start your journey of exploration.

If you and your adult brother or sister are comfortable with each, then obviously this will go a whole lot smoother. Communication is key with anything involving touch, even if it’s just a simple back or foot rub with your brother or sister.

The biggest bang for your buck when it comes to a brother sister massage is massaging your sibling as if you’re working a sheet of toffee, instead of simply thrusting into them with your fingers. One is relaxing, and the other is just straight up painful, even if you think you’re being gentle.

Massage oils can help reduce friction, but they’re also not necessary. If you decide to use one, I recommend going with coconut oil. It’s fairly inexpensive, moisturizing for skin (just don’t squirt it on your face, since it will clog your pores), and provides more than enough lubrication for your fingers to slide along those sensitive muscles without causing pain.

Always seek permission, and have fun…

People enjoy massage so much, that they often forget it’s tiring for the person on top doing all the work. That’s why it’s important to make sure that both parties agree on the ground rules before starting.

How long will each person massage the other, and how often? What’s the safe word to stop when they’re tired?

Beyond that, just explore and have fun. Nothing at all weird about massaging your siblings, and when you tell your friends, they’ll probably be just as excited to learn that you’re doing this perfectly normal activity too!




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