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I couldn’t wait to review this iPhone case for Body Glove. By the time I got it, Del had already caved and got an iPhone for himself. So, now this case is used by him.

Honestly, it ended up being perfect for him because it is tough and strong and definitely has that manly sense to it. The company states that the iPhone case has been “military tested.” Which I honestly don’t doubt since the case is more sturdy than any other iPhone case I’ve ever come across. I feel it could more than protect an iPhone from damage as well of all kinds.

Considering we have three kids, and my iPhone has already bit the dust due to one of them I am a stickler for finding an iPhone case that will protect my phone from them (just as much from my normal wear and tear behavior.) So, I’m quite pleased to have this one available for our use. Of course, Del has made it clear he’s not giving it up.

It also comes with a clip on case as well.

The phone easily snaps into the clip. It doesn’t come out of the clip quite as easily, but once you break it in it does tend to snap out easier. Or maybe that’s just because of Del learning how to best use it. πŸ™‚

Body Glove offers a wonderful selection of products. If you use the code Experience they are giving my loyal readers 10% off and also free shipping for any order you make on their site.

Now you get to enjoy the chance to enter in TWO giveaways for a chance at gaining an iPhone case. One is available to you by entering this giveaway on my page.


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You can also visit their Facebook page for another chance at winning an iPhone case.

You can connect with them at their other social networks as well. Here:


Disclosure: We did get this iPhone case to review in exchange for a review and giveaway promotion on our blog. That in no way affected our opinion of this item or of the company.





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21 comments on “Body Glove iPhone Case Review and Giveaway”

  1. The link doesn’t work! I can’t look at the cases! But I have a Google Nexus S and my best friend has an iPhone. My husband has some fancy phone too but I’m not sure what kind. I would just want a case that would fit on one of our phones. πŸ™‚ And if there is an orange iphone case that’s my friends favorite color!

    • That’s the one my husband has. Trust me when I say that thing is durable. I feel like my husband’s phone is also well protected against the type of work he does.

  2. I’m glad to hear that there is another case out there, that is just as protective as the Otterbox. I am very protective of my phone especially since I have 3 rough children, who like knocking things out my hands at times. If I don’t win this case, I believe I will still make a purchase in the near future.

    • I definitely recommend this one. (Anytime I promote something heavily you can bank it’s reached some high praise from me and everyone else in my family!!) You won’t be disappointed if you have to spend the money for this case.

  3. I have an iPhone 4 – could not see the colors, though, the link did not work, but would like a pink, purple or the one shown above!

  4. Actually, thanks to the other link above (from Shana D!) I did see the ones for the iPhone 4 and I really liked the purple one – but would take any of them, thanks!

  5. I think the Tactic case looks great, but not sure if they make it for the 4s? My first iPhone was destroyed after a fall down the stairs- I definitely need a tough case!


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