From Baby Bump to Family Fun: A Fitness Guide for New Moms

Whether it’s your first baby or you’ve been on this ride before, having a newborn is an exciting and memorable time. Not only are you welcoming a brand new family member, but motherhood is also an adjustment to both your lifestyle and body. While it’s important to be gentle with yourself as a new mom, keeping fit is not only good for your body but also for your mental health and overall self-confidence. Your baby may be running the show for awhile, but a clever mom can sneak fitness into her daily routine with a little creativity.

Make It a Family Affair

If you wait until your baby is asleep to work out, the odds are that you’ll miss your me-time more often than not. Instead, integrate your newborn into your exercise routine. You can place your little one in a bouncer seat or on the floor above your head while you plank or do push ups, for example, giving them a kiss each time you come close to their face.

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Babies love the interaction and will just think this is play time. Also, take advantage of convenient parenting tools like baby carriers that allow you to be active while still staying close to your new addition.

Dress for Success

In the early days of parenthood, how you feel has so much to do with how quickly you bounce back from your birth experience. Dressing the part can inspire confidence and motivation as you work toward strength and health with a newborn. Many new moms like the convenience of fitness subscriptions that allow you to customize a monthly delivery of active wear. The selection is fashionable, affordable attire offers something for every taste, inspiring and motivating mothers of all shapes and sizes. As a new mom, you probably don’t have time to get out and go shopping, so home delivery is the perfect solution.

Use Your Gym’s Perks

Like a lot of new mothers, you may already have a gym membership that you are may or may not already be using. Take the time to check out what perks your gym offers, such as free childcare or personal training sessions. If you have a familiar place to leave your little one, you can focus what little time you have and make it as productive as possible. If you plan ahead, you can even shower at the gym before picking up your baby and be ready to take on the day with patience and energy.

Find a Support System

One of the most important things you can do to be a healthy and successful parent is to seek out support. You aren’t alone in this journey, and other new moms in your area are also looking for friendship and camaraderie. When you get out and about with your support group, encourage activities that get you all up and moving. A zoo excursion involves a lot of walking, for example, and you and your friends can bond over mommy-and-me swimming just as well as an activity that leaves you sitting around.

Most moms find themselves immersed in their newborn which can be exhausting and overwhelming. However, you don’t have to let go of your priorities when you have a new baby if you get creative and make your baby an integral part of your fitness plan.




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