August Netflix to Watch List #StreamTeam

I am a part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, but all opinions and thoughts are my own. Netflix has been a part of my life LONG before we got approved for this program. 
After Del saw my post last month about how much he had hogged our ultimate Internet connection last month watching all of his favorite shows, we decided to give me the chance to watch some shows that have been on my list to watch.

As I get older I tend to want to watch shows that will help me grow into a better person. I didn’t have really great role models in my family around me all the time. I had wonderful adult friends who looked out for me all throughout my life, but they could only teach me so much since they weren’t always with me. I want to be a better wife and mother and friend for those in my own life.

I read a lot of self-help books. After doing a few reviews of documentaries I have found that it is really something worth checking out. So this month, I decided to make a list of documentaries on Netflix that sound interesting and worth watching.

I have a strong love of eels. They fascinate me a lot. I’m eager to learn more about them by watching Nature: The Mystery of Eels.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Ted Talks. I’ve tried to watch a few minutes of some of them through the years and have enjoyed those minutes a lot. I’m eager to watch them from start to finish now. I have Humanity’s Future: Ted Talks, Ted Talks: Cyber Awe, and Ted Talks: Chew On This on my list to watch.

Zeva has been a unique child since the moment she was conceived. As she gets older the more I wonder what is holding her back from progressing the way I feel she should. We may joke that she’s our “Fuss Box”, but the reality is the amount of her fussing concerns me a LOT. The fact that she isn’t talking even a few basic words concerns. There are some other little things she does/doesn’t do that concerns me. I have been around other families that have kids with Autism, so I am eager to learn more about it by watching the show The United States of Autism.  Even if this show doesn’t really help me with Zeva, it will help me be more understanding of those families who have kids with it.

I have always been terrible at dealing with people with disabilities of any kind. I wonder if God used my accident to teach me to be more compassionate and open minded concerning that issue because since my last accident I have improved. However, I still feel uncomfortable, and it bothers me a LOT that I have this issue. I know in my heart of hearts that these people are still special and wonderful!! I just haven’t come out of my comfort zone to understand them more.

Also Netflix has two series that are going to be Netflix exclusives coming out. I’m eager to watch both of them. The first one is Happy Valley, which is going to be a crime drama series that was a British series. It goes live on August 20th.

The other new Netflix exclusive series is BoJACK Horseman. It’s supposed to be a comedy cartoon. I’m personally on the fence about whether or not I’ll like it or think it’s to utterly stupid to enjoy. Del on the other hand will probably enjoy its sense of humor. I’ve attached the preview video. Tell me what you think?

What are you planning on watching in August?





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  1. I absolutely love Netflix and there’s so many good shows and movies to watch to where I barely watch cable anymore lol.

    • I love Netflix. I keep telling my family that we could almost do away with our Directv, but we love watching our shows the same day to much.

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