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Who knows anything about saxophones?? I barely even know what they sound like let alone what the best one to get is?? I feel like a fish out of water with all of these musical instruments. I almost feel like I need to take a music class just to ensure that I’ll be able to keep up with what the hang my daughter is talking about or interested in. Let’s not forget the costs involved in her passion.

I was looking at tenor sax at wwbw and the prices of those things are quite scary. NO wonder parents who have kids in the band are all the time really pushing those fund raisers!! I’d be pushing them like crazy too!! I’m starting to see why schools always start with the music program when they are looking to cut funds. It’s an expensive interest!!


Of course, I’m a HUGE fan of the music world, so I hope that they continue to keep music in schools. I just won’t be the one to teach it, but I will be the one admiring it!!




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