8 Thoughtful and Inexpensive Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new home or apartment is an exciting event, no matter if it’s a first home for a 20-something or the switch to a dream house for a growing family. When you’re attending a housewarming party for excited new homeowners, be sure you don’t show up empty-handed. After all, whether they used a moving service like You Move Me or did everything themselves, it’s a lot of work!

Make it Personal

Do what you can to help the new homeowners really make the space their own. Find personalized items to bring to a housewarming party for a sentimental touch they’re sure to love. They can wipe their feet on a customized doormat, protect their new coffee table from water marks with initialed coasters, or chop up veggies for dinner on an engraved cutting board. Personalizing a gift is thoughtful and easy, and definitely going to impress—you’ll secure yourself an instant return invitation.


Make eating on-the-go easier by gifting the new homeowner with the perfect Tupperware. Avoid the cheaper options that stain easily and become warped in the microwave, and spring for a set of Meal Prep containers. These bad boys are microwavable and dishwasher safe, plus they look like the containers used by a variety of restaurants. They’re designed for daily meal preparation, with compartments to help eaters control their portions, so they’re a great option for health-conscious friends.

Reminder of Home

If the homeowners had just made a big move from another city, pay tribute to their former home with a city map print. This touching memory of their past will be greatly appreciated. If you’d rather help them get to know their new city or they are a native who simply moved across town, choose to make the map of their current city for a wall décor item they will proudly display.

Homemade Sweets

If you’re working on a budget, don’t worry, there are plenty of wonderful gift ideas that are bank-friendly, one of those being delicious homemade sweets. Need some recipe inspiration? Check out this awesomely decadent pie recipe. Bake the night before, let cool, wrap a ribbon loosely around the middle and voila! The perfect housewarming gift in 30 minutes or less.

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How-to Books

If they are new homeowners, they’re bound to run into a few snares that they’ve likely never dealt with before, or perhaps been able to shirk off onto a landlord. Find a how-to book like the Popular Mechanics 500 Simple Home Repair Solutions that will help them get through some of the inevitable issues that come with living in your very own place.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are always a solid option, and a housewarming party gives you a lot of potential themes to work with. You can accumulate the tools that have been most helpful to you in your housing endeavors, and wrap them all up in a toolbox basket they’ll get plenty of use from. If you want them to relax in their new home, fill a box with plush bath towels, nice smelling candles, bath bombs, and aromatherapy oils. If the homeowner is a breakfast lover, set them up with a breakfast gift basket to end all trips to IHOP, filled with Bisquick, a waffle maker, and any other breakfast staples you come across.

Bring Nature Indoors

Once they’ve moved in, help your friends or family members breathe some life into their new space with the perfect planting present. You’ve got a range of options on this one. For a modern space, the Urbio setup is sleek and utilitarian. This system is an innovative vertical wall urban garden, utilizing magnetized containers that can easily be arranged. Another wonderful option for a modern couple or individual is a suspended terrarium. Many shops allow you to create your own, or you can buy them ready-made for a futuristic look the new homeowners will love.

Don’t Leave Out Furry Friends

You’ve got their human counterparts covered by now, so as a last minute touch, add in a treat for the house pup or cat. Whether it’s a bone for the dog or a scratching pad so the cat doesn’t tear up the furniture, an inexpensive addition for the house pet is thoughtful, comedic, and sure to be received with open arms (and paws).

When you’re ready to attend a housewarming party, find the perfect gift that expresses your congratulations. Accent their home décor or provide a useful item they’re going to get plenty of use from.

What is another gift idea that you think would make for a good housewarming gift? 



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  1. It’s hard to think of a gift for a neighbor you don’t know yet, so this is a really nice list. I especially like the ideas of giving how-to book and a plant. I usually just bring over something I baked.

  2. Love this list – I often want to welcome neighbors but don’t want to go empty handed. I especially like the idea of including the pets. My next new neighbors are going to be welcomed in style !!!!

  3. I recently moved and a friend left a bag with cleaning supplies on our doorstep. I LOVED it! She gave us a mop and broom, dish scrubbies, kitchen towels, a plunger, and a couple of rolls of toilet paper. I’d have never thought to give that gift, but for us, it was perfect!


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