8 Health Boosting Drinks to Support Immune Function

Most people understand the benefits of eating a healthy diet packed full of fruit and vegetables but have you considered what you drink?

What we drink is just as important as what we eat. Water is the ultimate drink and drinking around 8 cups of water a day is highly recommended because it keeps us well hydrated and helps to suppress appetite. However, whilst water is readily available (unless you are in the middle of a desert) there are plenty of other healthy drinks you should try.

There is no one magic drink that contains every vitamin and nutrient you need to keep your immune system in optimum condition, but there are plenty of drinks that can help give you a health boost and prevent you from catching every last bug going. Swapping your daily latte for a healthier alternative is good for your immune system and even better for your waistline. Plus, they usually taste good too, so it shouldn’t be a massive chore. So what are the best healthy drinks to try if your immune system needs a kick start?


Beet Juice

Beet juice contains beta carotene, carotenoids, calcium, iron, sulfur, potassium and manganese. It also rich in Vitamin C. Drinking a cup of diluted beet juice can cleanse the blood, improve liver and gall-bladder function, and although it won’t raise your IQ by twenty points, it will help boost brain function. If you find pure beet juice too strong, try mixing it with apple juice.

Lemon Juice

Sucking on a fresh lemon is likely to bring tears to your eyes because lemons are very sour, but there are a lot of health benefits to drinking lemon juice. Firstly, lemon juice is acidic, so if you have low stomach acid problems – and many people do – drinking a mug of lemon tea first thing in the morning can lower the PH level on your stomach and help reduce GERD symptoms. Secondly, lemon juice contains lots of antioxidants, which boost the immune system.

Green Tea

Green tea has been enjoyed by the Chinese for centuries and is well known for its many health properties.  The main health boosting ingredient in green tea is EGCG, or to give this important substance its full name, epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG helps to fight viruses and bacteria in the body, so a few cups of green tea a day could lessen your chances of developing a bad cold. Green tea is also thought to lower your risk of developing cancer.

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is pleasantly sweet and very palatable to children. Carrots are high in vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, potassium, phosphorus and sodium. All of these nutrients can boost the immune system and, improve liver function and protect the gastro intestinal tract. Carrot juice is easy to make if you have a juicing machine. You can also add other ingredients such as orange juice or apple juice to give it extra flavor and vitamin C.

Natural Chai Tea

Chai tea latte is a popular drink sold one of the big high street coffee chains, but if you want an immune system boost, you should stay away from the highly sweetened blends mixed with steamed milk and drink your chai tea unsweetened instead. Chai is an Indian blend of green or black tea with added ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, clove and black pepper. It is spicy and aromatic, and great for your immune system. Chai tea can fight inflammation and give you extra energy.

Red Wine

Red wine not only tastes great – it is also good for you! As long you drink your red wine in moderation, a glass or two will help the body to fight infection. Red wine contains lots of antioxidants, which protect the body against harmful free-radicals. Just don’t overdo your red wine consumption or any benefits will be outweighed by the nasty effects of too much alcohol and sugar on the liver.

Hawthorn Tea

Hawthorn Tea is very palatable and full of natural health benefits. It is especially useful for people suffering from heart problems as it is believed to be able to dilate the blood vessels around the heart.  Anyone suffering from hypertension, heart failure, atherosclerosis or angina is sure to see improvements if they consume hawthorn tea regularly.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Like lemon juice, drinking apple cider vinegar is helpful if you have low stomach acid problems. Apple cider vinegar contains lots of important minerals, including calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium and iron, and if a glass of ACV is consumed daily, it can help to boost immune function.

Adding healthy drinks to your diet is one of the easiest ways to boost the immune system, so experiment with pure fruit juices and herbal teas to find the drinks you like the best.

What juice do you incorporate into your diet? 



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