3 Ways to Dress Up Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate, it’s the perfect drink. It’s rich, warm, comforting, and can be the most decadent thing you’ve ever drank if you make it right. As we creep closer to cold weather, I’ve begun to have hot chocolate more frequently– pumpkin spice lattes are great, but chocolate is where it’s at. My boyfriend recently bought one of those huge tubs hot instant cocoa from Costco, and while that stuff is good, I like to spice it up every now and then. Here are three of my favourite ways to dress up hot chocolate, hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do.

Cinnamon Chocolate

Cinnamon is a warming spice that’s perfect mixed into hot chocolate. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and even cardamom are great additions to hot chocolate mix, though you’ll only need a dash of whatever spices you’d like.

Decadent Chocolate

You probably know that using milk instead of water makes a richer hot chocolate, but adding real chocolate to the mix does too. Sometimes I have a few squares of chocolate on hand to toss in my mug, but when I don’t, I just use chocolate chips. I’ve also used chocolate or caramel syrup, peanut butter, and even chocolate cake frosting.

Mint Chocolate

I’m not a big fan of mint hot chocolate, but lots of friends of mine do. For them, I like crushing up candy canes or peppermints and sprinkling the shards into the mix before adding in any liquid. Sometimes I’ll have peppermint extract handy and use that instead, or I’ll use a candy cane to stir their drinks and leave it in there.



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