15 Geeky Shows to Binge Watch On Netflix!

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Are you ready for some awesome geeky binge watching on Netflix? One of the greatest things about Netflix is that you can spend a whole weekend just binge watching your favorite shows. Maybe you are sick and want to stay in bed all night or maybe you are just like me and love to just sit and watch a whole series back to back. Here are 17 of my favorite geeky shows to binge watch on Netflix.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy is one of my all time favorite series to watch. I have probably watched it over 5 times and have even started reading the graphic novels that continue the story. You get a little bit of humor, a little bit of romance, lots of teen drama and a lot of vampire slaying. If you finish the series and want a little bit more make sure and check out Angel.

The X-Files

Nine seasons of aliens, monsters, and the unexplained you could binge watch this X-Files over and over. Have you heard about the new episodes coming out? You may want to make sure you watch all the old episodes before the 6 new episodes come out!

Twin Peaks

A little but more of a psychedelic series Twin Peaks is a mystery series that is just a little off beat. You will want to watch or rewatch this series to get ready for the story to continue in 2016!

Star Trek

A classic science fiction must watch. I love you can watch everything from the original Star Trek to Enterprise on Netflix! If your looking for the ultimate binge watching marathon watch them all!


Created by the same producer as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon. Imagine cowboys in space and you will have Firefly. Warning the show was canceled but still worth it.

Hemlock Grove

A Netflix Original Hemlock Grove is a great dark series exploring a very interesting twist on werewolves and more. Season 3 is supposed to premiere on July 11th and I cannot wait to watch the next season!


If you are into the supernatural then you have to watch this series. You have everything from ghosts to demons, with serious underlying stories with a more than just a little humor added in. This is a fun series to watch.

Walking Dead

Walking Dead is one of the biggest zombie series on TV right now. You can watch 4 seasons of Walking Dead on Netflix right now!

Daredevil (Just out April 10th!)

Another Netflix Original based on the Marvel comic book. Daredevil is not your typical superhero, this is a very dark intriguing series that I just started watching. Already I can tell I’m be binge watching this show!

Agents of Shield

If you are a Marvel fan then here is a another great series to binge watch. Not only is this series Marvel but it was also produced by Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy & Firefly. This series doesn’t center around a superhero, but focuses on a elite spy group who deals with super powers and supernatural phenomenon.

Once Upon a Time

If you are a geek who loves fantasy as well, just like me, then Once Upon a Time is the perfect series for you. Meet all your favorite fairytale characters trapped in a town set in the present and on top of that they have all forgotten who they are. I love the retelling of all the traditional fairytales with new twists and all interconnected.


Going back into the very traditional science fiction, Farscape is a fun and incredibly creative series to watch. The Jim Hensen Company was involved in creating the most facinating aliens you may ever see.


Maybe I enjoy this show so much as I remember when it first came out. Sliders is a fun science fiction series that followers a group who travels from one alternative world to another.


If you had a super power what super power would you want? Heroes has four great seasons of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities fighting the Company and saving the world! Save the cheerleader!


This series may have just started but I promise you will want a day to watch all the episodes from season one back to back. Especially if you like outbreaks, zombies, and shows that have odd quirky music added in random moments!

Time for Your Suggestions

I’m now out of shows to binge watch so what would be your suggestion of the next geeky show I should watch?




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