12 hour SAHM Shift….

I actually worked way longer than 12 hours if you include the fact that I was up with Zeva since 3am this morning. I’ve been working on getting her to stay asleep until at least 5am again without getting something to eat. That requires ensuring she has her pacey every 15-30 minutes from 3am until 5am on some mornings, so that means I get up and down a lot. However, it worked with my other babies to get them on a routine sleeping through the night, and I didn’t start them on this “pacey training”, as I call it, until they were almost 3 months old. By the time both of my babies were four months old, I had them sleeping through the night from 10-11pm until 5-6am. I don’t do the crying thing, if Zeva gets overly fussy and the pacey doesn’t work, I’ll cave and get up and change her butt and feed her. I don’t like to see my baby girl fussing!!!

Today started out with Jimmy having to redo some of his school work that he messed up on yesterday. (I gave him Thursday off since it was such a nice day outside and their Granddaddy was able to ride them on the four wheeler a good bit.) That made for a stressful morning because LOW AND BEHOLD the load of clothes that had their soccer uniforms in them, didn’t get dry like I thought they did. So that meant me having to rewash clothes and stress about whether or not they were going to be done in time for practice. Delbert was gone with Momma because she didn’t want to go to town by herself. Zeva was an angel.

Then we take off to the boys soccer practice. Delbert had his first, and at first he was to busy trying to distract the coaches than to really play. Well, he must of figured out that I was on the phone with Daddy (which I’m usually only on the phone with Del or Momma) because he got his little butt in gear after he saw me on the phone. Then he started actually making goal shots and getting the ball.

Then after Delbert’s practice we had about 45 minutes to kill, so we stayed there. I had the bright idea of changing Zeva’s butt. WRONG MOVE!!! I’ve literally got her trained that when her butt is changed, she’s going to eat right afterwards (she eats currently 4 oz every two-three ounces.) Well, the water I had on hand to make her formula with was cold. I’ve got her spoiled with eating a certain (a little hot) formula, and she literally will not eat the formula unless it’s that temperature. (Del, Jimmy, and even Momma have all tried to make the formula, and she flat out refuses to touch it. I’ve tried teaching it to them, but as we all know every one’s threshold for hotness is different.) Anyways, since we were just outside of the YMCA building, I decided to go in and get hot water. WRONG AGAIN!! I literally tried two bathroom sinks, and then got the bright idea to try the showers. The showers produced only cold water too. Luckily, Zeva calmed down and we were able to return to Jimmy’s practice where I had to leave him with a friend of mine (which I was praising God she was there to take over Jimmy so he wasn’t late for his practice!!!)

While Jimmy was in practice, I got the pleasure of talking to my friend. His practice is always over to soon!! I know she thinks I ramble to much, but once we get to the point that I’ve been around her a lot; she’ll find out I turn into a quiet person. Of course, most people don’t stick around long enough to see that side of me. Of course, Del gets an ear full from me a lot, but it goes through one ear and out the other with him unless I tell him it’s important that he listens. 🙂 However, I also think the world of her and we share many things in common, so we may not reach that threshold, but I do feel it will be a more even communication. Right now, I fear I’m taking control of the conversation to much. 🙁

After we got home from practice, I gave the boys to their grandparents (Saturday night is their night.) Well, they talked about riding the four wheeler with Granddaddy. I asked them to borrow my brother-in-law’s four wheeler for me to ride too. I got it!!! So, I got to enjoy riding with them too for several hours. I do declare if I buy NOTHING else when the house sells, I’m getting a four wheeler. That has been on my wish list for way to many years and the kids and I LOVE it. We couldn’t stop smiling we were enjoying it so much. Even though, we were absolutely frozen because we weren’t dressed for the change in weather and ended up farther away from the house than planned on.

It reminded me of the rides I use to do on Tripp at sunset. I realized that I love horses with a passion, but with three kids a horse is not practical. However, I can still enjoy the great outdoors like I use to and enjoy my kids too. I love being able to be on the go!! Four wheelers combines my love of nature, the outdoors, and adventure. We do go for walks, but I can only go so far with them without feeling like I have to turn around or I’ll collapse. (Of course, we do take all day nature walks in Columbia a couple times a year at the park there!! That’s A LOT of fun. As soon as it warms up a bit more, I’m going to push for us to do that again.) David and I dropped the boys back off with Momma and we took off again after we got warmer clothes on. I must say, I enjoyed it, but NOT nearly as much as I did with the kids. My kids make so many things so much more enjoyable. I guess I’m just use to having them around me all the time and when they’re not, I feel it.

Saturday nights are date nights usually, but Del got the base of his shop today. I am eager for him to have his shop again. I just pray it goes as well as he plans for it to. However, I do have a lot of faith in him and his abilities.

Now, I’m literally cooking Del’s dinner. I just got done feeding and changing Zeva and putting her to bed. Took a HOT bath, and took care of Peppermint. It feels good to relax. (Oh yea, I had to do dishes, and more laundry (I actually folded and put away four loads today already before we left for practice.)

I forgot about our trip to Walmart. I actually had some spending money to use today, and boy was I glad I did!!! Walmart is having a huge clearance on clothes. However, they don’t tell you how much your saving until you check out. The clothes were marked $5.00 and $7.00, but when I checked out I got my $5.00 clothes for $2.00. The cashier told me that the $5 were actually $2 and the $7 were actually $3. If I had known that I would have done my shopping a bit differently. However, I did get my outfit complete with dress shoes in case I do get called in for an interview. I also got a bathing suit (which makes me look like a black butterball!!) Of course, I’m not out to turn any heads when I wear my bathing suit, so that’s actually fine by me. I want it to be practical and do it’s job.

I’m thinking about going back to doing some laps in the Y’s pool again before the boy’s soccer practices since it’s going to be warming up enough that I can be outside with wet hair again. Swimming is something that I also enjoy a good bit.

Wow..I’m rambling today. See how hipper I get when I have a full day of activities and got to have some fun to boot?? 🙂 My day isn’t even close to done yet because after we eat, it’s time for me and my hubby to enjoy our kid less home (well, older kid less home.) 🙂

I’ll be posting pictures again soon. I have to get some pictures of Jimmy’s practices too because I haven’t done that one yet. 🙁 Shame on me!! However, I’ve been loving the chance to get to know my friend more and chatting with her!! I had longed to do it for a long time now, and really couldn’t understand why I had such a pull to want to know her like I did. However, now I do know it. 🙂 God puts people in our lives for all the right reasons and at the right times. It never seizes to amaze me!!

Well, I hope this finds you doing well.

Do you do anything interesting today?? If so, what?? If not, what was the one small moment in your day that made you smile? Everyday has it’s grand moments, we just have to pay attention to them to treasure each day we’re blessed with having.




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