10 Family Entertainment Activities Without Technology

I look at my kids playing hard outside, and I wonder how they don’t get tired of doing the same thing. Of course, if you give a kid enough time they will come up with their own ways of staying entertained. However, there are still times when they act like they are bored to death and I can’t help but want to show them ways that I stayed entertained as a kid growing up.

Immediately I think about all of the things that we did for my birthday parties growing up. These games are often times only thought about when someone has a party. However, I have found that it makes for great entertainment even without having a party with my three kids. Yes, they are oldie games that many people already know. However, I have found that there are many people who have never heard of them still because they didn’t do them when they were growing up as a kid.

Things to Keep Your Family Entertained Without Technology

  1. Egg Race- This is such a simple inexpensive way to test balance, coordination, and speed all at once. All you have to have is a few eggs and spoons and willing participation. Set a start and finish line and give everyone a spoon and egg. The one who reaches the finish line with their egg intact wins. You can even try it with different types of spoons to see if that makes a difference. (So, instead of throwing those out of date eggs away, save them for your next family egg race.)


  1. Three Legged Race- This type of race is well known too. It teaches everyone playing it the fine art of teamwork. I love to have my kids do this one when they are fighting because they learn they have to work together to achieve what they want. It’s also a lot of fun to have them do it because they tend to fall a lot. It’s also a great activity to do with your spouse too. When you’re doing it with your spouse it reminds you that even though you’re parents and married, you still can have fun with each other. Kids love to see their parents get in on the fun. Then you can also play parents against the kids. In case you don’t know how to play, all you do is tie a rope around your leg and that of your partner, and reach the finish line first together as a team.


  1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey- You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on getting the kit. You can always get a picture of an animal and get a stack of post it paper (which is cheaper than the kit is especially when you buy them during the school sales every year.) You can give each player a different color post it paper. (Plus you can cut the papers in half to gain more tries.)


  1. Clothes Pin Drop- This is a simple game that you can take an empty plastic two liter container and cut it in half. Then have your child stand a chair length above it and try to put them in the container. The one who gets the most in the container wins. (You can make it more unique by blind folding your players.)


  1. Apple Bobbing- This is so simple to set up, but yet so much fun to play! All you need is a big container filled with water and then put a bag of apples in it. Then tie your players hands and have them go “fishing” for apples with their mouths. This is actually one of my favorite games to play as a kid.


  1. Tug of War- This is such a well-known game! You can take a long rope with a string marking the middle. The side that pulls the most over the line wins. (To make it more interesting, do it over a really wet muddy spot or a lake.)
  1. Yard Twister- Twister in the yard requires a bit of set up, but its well worth it. Just paint your yard with the places you want to use in the game. Then just play the standard Twister Gameir?t=tidbitofexp 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B008J87PVC.


  1. Dart Water Balloon Board- You can create a water balloon dart board, and then see who can pop the most balloons.


  1. Treat Walk- You can put a bunch of stopping points in a big circle. Then play music and stop the music and whoever doesn’t have a spot to stop on it is out. Then the last one standing gets a treat.
  1. Scavenger Hunt- Create a scavenger hunt for your teams and then whoever gets all the items first wins. (Make it extra fun by getting your neighbors involved and see if they can delay the team members by keeping them entertained with some chit chat.)


These are ideas that many of us know and love, but we only associate with doing them during parties and gatherings. Yet, they can be used to entertain and help build family closeness and bonds. It is a lot of fun too.

What are some games you play with your family that isn’t technology related? 




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    • I totally agree. I find that these ideas tend to get forgotten about. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. When we have BBQ’s or summer parties we usually swim together and play volleyball. It’s fun and even the toddlers can participate.

    • I love swimming and volleyball. Those are two wonderful things to do together as a family.

    • Thank you. They are all ideas that came from my childhood or that of my kids. It shocks me how many people haven’t done these things.

    • Thank you. I shared it from the Cake Walk that my local church has every year for their Trick and Trunk night. It’s always a HUGE hit!

  2. These are fun ideas. I think we get so dependent on technology for entertainment these days. I know my kids are lost if the power goes out.

    • It’s a good way to get them moving it and shaking it especially with the right type of music. Plus you can pick healthy treats (like watermelon and cantaloupe for these hot summery days we’re having.)

  3. We like to go geocaching but that requires a GPS so I guess that would be the use of technology. We also like to have late night dance parties in out backyard and listen to music from the 60’s and 70’s. You came up with a great list and the twister game looks like fun.

    • Yes, that may still be technology, but it’s not the type to take your attention away from the people you’re with. Geocaching sounds like so much fun, but I don’t know of any place to do it around me. I’d love to do it though.

  4. Thanks for shairng this wonderful family post with tons of fabulous ideas to help me get my daughter off of the video games! YIKES! I used to run around my neighborhood all day, playing and making adventures for me and my friends….. these kids seriously need to disconnect!

    • You’re welcome. It’s our pleasure to give some out of the box thinking. I agree our kids do need to disconnect more.

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