Interesting and Jaw-Dropping Diaper Punishment Stories

Diaper punishment is not something you hear about often. I doubt many discuss this humiliating ordeal. Discovering so many stories involving diaper punishment sucked me in, along with sheer humiliation for those interested.

If you browse Wattpad, you will come across many diaper punishment stories. Some are weird, some even sad.

What’s the deal with diaper punishment?

One involved a young woman, Claire, who moved to a small town and rented a secluded place. Things seemed strange, as though she was being watched. She was assaulted and drugged. She was wearing a pink satin dress and a diaper when she woke up. But there is more to this twisted bondage story.

Another diaper punishment story involves someone named Jake, who is a common bedwetter. He is being forced to wear diapers by his boyfriend, and what’s worse is Jake is now being treated like a baby. Jake will also be forced to use a pacifier and a sippy cup.

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It gets weirder. This one young woman has a strong diaper fetish. When she was very young, she was always jealous of the younger children that wore diapers. As she grew up, she became envious of her friends, who wet their beds and were given pullups to sleep in. A few times, she even wet the bed on purpose, hoping her mother would buy her pullups, but her mom said it was an accident and not to worry.

As the young woman got older, her desires became darker, and she began fantasizing about spanking, being embarrassed, and being forced to wear diapers. The first time she heard of an enema, she was hooked and added her many weird desires. Then her stepfather, who divorced her mom, became aware of her passions and helped fulfill her diaper fetish. Ugh!

Some of the stories are terrifying. An abused 12-year-old boy gets kidnapped after walking home late in the evening. He then gets treated like a baby by his kidnapper. A 14-year-old boy named Mike is humiliated when his brother, Will, finds out that he wears Goodnites to bed and blackmails him.

Need more diaper punishment stories? “I Swear I’m Not a Baby” by Chandler Cornnut. In this five-part story, Star is a six-year-old girl whose mum is going into rehab. This means Star has to go to a big, scary children’s home. She insists they put her with the big girls, but when the adults discover her night-time problems, how long will she stay a big girl?




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