Bratty Sis Troubles

It’s pretty frustrating having a sibling, isn’t it? Bratty sis troubles are the bane of every young man’s life, but if you’re old enough to read and understand these words, then perhaps I can help you out.

If you’re brave enough to think like an adult, then I’ve got a few words of hope and wisdom to sooth your tired young soul. These tools may even come to serve you for the rest of your life.

Having a bratty sister sucks, I know…

I know this because I have a bratty sis myself. She means well, but we’re very different people. Even now that we’re both adults, things can get awfully heated between us. When passions flair, watch out!

not my bratty sis and i
This isn’t Tammy or me, but it could be.
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I also have a son named Jimmy, and he often tells me that his sister Tammy is very bratty, and though I obviously can’t play favorites as a parent, he’s right. I spoiled her to death and it’s now biting me in the rear.

(Tammy, is you’re reading this… I’m sorry, but it’s true. I hope you understand one day. I know you’ll grow up into a wonderful person.)

So when I give you advice in a moment here, it’s not based on nothing. It’s based on a lifetime of experience dealing with my bratty sister.

What can you do about your bratty sister?

I’m going to give you a bit of life advice that has served me well. I learned it from a hostage negotiator, no less. His name is Jimothy and he wrote a book called Never Split the Difference. It’s really a book about negotiating, but many of the lessons apply to dealing with your bratty sis as well.

None of the rules are more important than this one: you must show unwavering empathy towards your sister, even when she’s being terrible.

Empathy doesn’t mean agreeing with everything she does, it just means understanding the nature of her behavior. Then you can act from a place of stillness and calm, an uncommon quality in a person your age.

What does this mean exactly?

It means that you need to try and put yourself in her shoes and understand why she acts the way she does. Is her brattiness really just a call for help? Is there a deeper meaning you need to explore?

The next time your bratty sis is being a pain in the butt, tell her that you understand her sorrow. Tell her that you love and appreciate her, but that when she acts like this, it makes you feel bad.

If she’s old enough to speak – which I’m assuming she is – then you may be surprised at how well this simple gesture works, especially if she’s angry or throwing an all-out tantrum.

Empathy and calm really are the name of the game, and these are skills you can cultivate, even as a young person.

I hope you’ve found this information useful.




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