Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky #ToughandTender Moments

My entire family is avid jerky eaters. Jerky is actually one of our top snacks to grab when we indulge while over the road. We’ve been pretty loyal to one brand through the years. However, when Ball Park brand, the makers of America’s favorite beef hot, announced that they had launched NEW Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky now on the market and offered us the chance to try out their tough and tender jerky we were game.

Tough and Tender Moments

There have been plenty of tough and tender moments in my lifetime. However, none of those moments compares to when my Mom taught me how to handle our bullheaded horse named Sony. Sony was one of those horses that got bored to death easily.

He could be walking along one-minute acting peaceful and docile and the next moment he was trying to buck you off every way imaginable. He was also known for getting into a grid lock position much like a mule does and not moving regardless how much I would kick him.

I REFUSED to give up on riding him. I wanted to conquer him and I also loved his spirited personality. (I still do tend to gravitate towards horses like this.) My mom got tired of hearing me whine and her having to get off of “Reliable” Lance and take over riding Sony all the way home.

One day she decided it was time to teach me HOW to discipline Sony to get him in line. At that time, I had my own little classroom complete with a HUGE chalkboard, two desks, and a whole bunch of other things. My Mom made me straddle one of my school desks (remember I’m only like 5 or 6 years old at max) and told me to kick the desk like I was riding Sony.

I’d kick the desk as hard as I could (well, at least as hard as I thought I could) and she’d get mad at me and tell me, “‘Quit tapping the desk!’ KICK IT!” She got very mad and her face was redder than a Red Robin. She proceeded to pick my legs up and took my legs and physically SHOWED me how to kick the desk. She even brought in the whip and taught me how to use it too.

My mom regrets not recording that lesson a lot because when we look back on that memory it’s truly funny. Sometimes with certain horses much like with kids, we have to be tough. Yet at other times, choosing the route of tenderness gains the results we’re after. With Sony, you had to be tough or you’d never be able to fully enjoy riding him.

Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky #ToughandTender

I told you that story because Ball Park’s mission was to create touch, but yet tender jerky filled with flavor. Their jerky is filled with quality protein with no added MSG. They also strived to ensure their jerky has less sodium than any other jerky, according to the USDA data for Beef Jerky. You’ll gain the toughness you’re use to having with eating jerky and yet it’s tender to chew all at the same time.

You can get Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky in five delicious flavors:

Original Beef (Kids’ favorite)

Bourbon BBQ Beef (My favorite)

Peppered Beef

Barbecue Pork (Del’s favorite)

Teriyaki Pork (My 2nd favorite)

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    • Thank you, Melanie for the compliment. It means a lot. The Bourbon is a nice flavor jerky.

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    • Thank you Melanie for the compliment. It’s really delicious. I’m sure you’ll like it if you check it out.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see you again soon.

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